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Lind Mari - About Lind Mari
About Lind Mari

Nordhordland's talented show jumping athlete

Lind Mari started her equestrian career at the age of five, encuraged by a mother with many years of experience with horses behind her. She has attended Stend Secondary School the last two years, where she completed the equestrian program and was part of their Elite Show Jumper program. The school year 2014-2015, she opted out of the Elite program, now she is finishing her diploma majoring in science. She moved Pilot to Bergen riding club and switched trainer to Simon Yde, which has proven to be the right decision for both horse and rider. Soon after she moved to Bergen riding club Lind Mari also started working as an instructor in the riding school. Sharing of knowledge and experience is something she very happy to be a part of.

At Easter 2006 bought Lind Mari's first pony, Sharazan, a 10 months old sport pony that she was supposed to develop alongside with. However, it soon became clear that she could not wait to Sharazan was big enough, as only one year later the message from her coach was that she would need to aquire a competition pony if she were to continue her development. She ended up with an experienced championship winner, than 13-year-old Bwana, and Bwana brought Lind Mari significant steps forward!

As Lind Mari's family have been lucky enough to have their own stable, we have had the opportunity to have multiple ponies, in addition to her having been fortunate enough to borrow ponies that she has ridden for sale. In the autumn of 2010, Lind Mari got her third pony, Casanova, which concludes the series at the pony level. A small, energetic 2-size pony she found by herself in Denmark. She rode up to the MB-classes with Casanova. All along Lind Mari had always had Sharazan and was even responsible for most of his training. In summer 2008 she traveled with him to put him through six weeks of intensive training at Stald Kyo in Denmark. Here Sharazan was readied pony and she got good, professional help from the trainer regarding how she should keep working. Sharazan debuted in MB with Lind Mari spring 2012, before being sold on to a younger pony rider.

Lind Mari, up until that point in her early career had two coaches; Karen Rødland, who has not only been responsible for Lind Mari's sporting development in the first years, but has helped us with most of what is associated with being fresh pony owners, competition rider etc. Without her, Lind Mari would not have developed into the knowledgeable and enthusiastic young rider as she has. A year before she attended Stend vgs. Morten Holm was available as coach and Mari Lind was "moved" on from Karen to Morten. His expert guidance has been both a joy and provided great development, so Lind Mari was happy when she learned that Morten also would be her coach at the Elite Show Jumper program at Stend vgs.

In the autumn of 2014 it was time to seek new inspiration and Simon Yde came as a breath of fresh air from Denmark to teach at Bergen riding club. Lind Mari and Pilot have done extremely well under his instruction and he has taken the horse from 80 cm. to 1.25m. in just under three months. He himself competes at the elite level both nationally and internationally and Lind Mari is very pleased with his professionalism and follow-up.

Lind Mari has attended several training camps under expert instruction by national team coaches for pony Amund Eide and Kenneth Sande. These are camps organized by the regional offices of the Norwegian Equestrian Federation (NRYF), where young promising riders in and around Bergen can apply to participate. It is instructive to take part in such trainings, so even if you have a more than competent enough practices at "home", you can still get tips that might give an extra push in the right direction.

In addition to being an active athlete with clear sporting goals, Lind Mari also has clear goals in life. Her affection for animals, especially horses, motivates her every day to work towards her goal of admission to veterinary school. In addition to the training she does with her horses, she also takes care of her own physical development, knowing that this is an area that many within her sport does not relate to sufficiently. She is purposeful, conscious of her own skills and challenges and is highly motivated to constantly strive to become a better athlete and a better person. When she is successful she considers this as a bonus and not as a matter of fact. She has had some challenges the last two years with sick horses, but as they say; "What does not kill you makes you stronger"! This slogan also applies to her work with her new Pilot, as he is a demandig boy of six years with strong opinions!